Welcome to the Castle. She was fashioned after the Bodiam Castle at East Sussex, England, in 1385 A.D. Standing at 60 feet tall on 7.5 acres, she has four round, corner turrets flanking the square tower. On the rooftop one will see her steel observation deck suitable for filming down upon the property from its viewpoint.

Arriving at the estate gate, one passes through two guard turrets while traveling on the dirt/gravel, winding road under a canopy of sequoia trees. You will arrive at the second set of towers and gate, about to have a one-of- a kind experience. Enter and be touched by the wonder of the castle, a breathtaking experience with one feeling as if they are in the countryside of Europe. Next, a gargoyle fountain, drawbridge with a moat, stables (four garages), groundkeeper’s cottage and so much more surround the castle with thousands of feet of beautiful lawn, grape vines, and lush landscaping. Just outside the wall to the west, one sees the seventy plus apple tree orchard. On the East End, one finds a year-round running creek.

The San Bernardino National Forest, complete with waterfalls is at the north end of the property. There is a wide fire road suitable for production trucks and trailers that complete the property.

One truly needs to visit the estate in person to fully grasp its magnificence. From invoking fairytale dreams, to feeling the power of a mighty fortress, come and be part of another world… whether filming, photographing, or to host an event, your audience will surely expound with passion on their experience at Castle LionHeart.